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Two youngsters owe success to distance learning

Two young people who have already carved impressive careers for themselves have described the key role distance learning courses played in their success. Speaking to the Guardian, 22-year-old James Elwood, a business manager at Santander, said he left school without going to university and took a job as a bank cashier. During his job, he completed a distance learning degree in Business Studies – using his work experiences to support his study and vice-versa.

“When I had to write essays, I was analysing my experiences with the companies I worked for, so the process helped me become a better employee ,” he said, adding: “Instead of being 22 with a degree and one year of work experience, I’ve got a degree and nearly five years of work experience behind me.”

Meanwhile, Nick Walker, who is currently completing a three-year degree-equivalent course in games design online, told the newspaper how he launched his own business at the age of 19. His app development company, Icey Monty, helps bring in enough money to cover the cost of his studies – as well as allowing him to live debt-free and even some take some time off work when he needs to.

Zoe Molyneux, external affairs and communications director at students’ forum Studentroom, said home learning courses and part-time options are becoming more popular, due to a combination of rising tuition fees and the chance to pursue a career while you study.

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