Oxford Home Schooling launches brand new KS3 Science course

Oxford Home Schooling launches brand new KS3 Science course

Oxford Open Learning’s sister company, Oxford Home Schooling, is delighted to announce the release of its brand new Key Stage Three Science course for home educated students.   Whereas Oxford Open Learning provides tutor-supported distance learning courses for adults, Oxford Home Schooling provides tutor-supported courses for home educated students who are under 18.  Our Oxford Home Schooling Key Stage Three courses provide excellent preparation for study at GCSE and IGCSE level.

Developed to the requirements of the National Curriculum and current standards for the UK 13+ Common Entrance examination, our KS3 Science course aims fully to prepare students for studying Science at GCSE or IGCSE level. Written by experienced science teacher, Dr Philip West, the course materials are available in three A4 ring-bound folders, one each for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. Students follow an integrated approach to the three sciences, studying one module each of biology, chemistry and physics before progressing to module 2.  Students can enrol for separately for Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9, or for the complete course from Year 7 to Year 9.

What’s in the course folders?

Each course folder includes a series of lessons (24 in Year 7, and 19 each in Years 8 and 9) that are arranged in integrated modules.  For example, Year 7 Module 1 ‘Introducing Science’ includes:

  • Lesson 1: Biology: ‘The Variety and Characteristics of Life’
  • Lesson 2: Chemistry: ‘Elements and Compounds’
  • Lesson 3: Physics: ‘Density: Floating and Sinking’
  • Lesson 4: Scientific Investigation: Design

Lessons include a wide range of practical and online activities, keywords, summaries and self-assessment tests.  At the end of each module there is a Tutor-marked assignment.  Course folders include detachable sections on Parental Guidance which include answers to activities and self-assessment tests, as well as advice on risk assessments for practical activities, and suggestions for extending some of the activities.  For each Year of the course, there is an end of Year exam that is marked by the student’s tutor.

What else is in the course?

In addition to the course materials, each student receives the support of a personal tutor who is in regular contact by email and phone.  Tutors mark assignments and these are returned to the student with tutor comments and a set of model answers after each one has been marked.

Students and their parents and guardians also receive the support of our student advisers who are there to assist with any queries that may arise in connection with the students’ course.

How can I find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about our Key Stage Three Science courses, please contact one of our student advisers who will be pleased to help you. Altenatively, you can apply online and one of our student advisers will then contact you.

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