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Maths in the City

Have you ever wondered what the point is of the maths you are learning in your Key Stage 3 or GCSE Maths course? Marcus du Sautoy and his team of mathemagicians may have a few answers for you. They are on a mission to bring to life the “maths that makes our cities work”.  From the curves of the Gherkin to the topology on the London Tube Mathematics really is all around us in our cities.

The Maths in the City project offers walking tours of Oxford and London led by a team of volunteer students from Oxford which are described as a “mathematical adventure in the city”. The tours include a number of interactive activities and are designed to explain some of the Mathematics we take for granted every day. The website also has transcripts of the tours so if you can’t book one at a time to suit you can always do a DIY version.

What about other cities?

The project isn’t limited to Oxford and London however; there is also a growing collection of mathematical stories of the city from around the world.  Anyone can get involved and add their images and ideas to the site.  Here you can find pictures of buildings from Hong Kong, Spain and the USA to name but a few as well as information on the Mathematics to be found in other UK towns and cities including Leeds and Shrewsbury.

The project is for everyone

No matter who you are you can share your Mathematical stories.  Young, old, students, teachers, journalists, members of the public are all needed. The project is perfect for anyone following a Mathematics course with Oxford Home Schooling as you can join in from wherever you live.

Get involved

Visit the Maths in the City website to book your tour, download a DIY tour or search for Maths in other cities. Once you’ve got the idea have a look for Maths near where you live and you can add your thoughts and images to the collection.

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