IGCSE Biology with Oxford Open Learning

IGCSE Biology

Oxford Open Learning offers a brand new IGCSE Biology course developed to the requirements of the Edexcel IGCSE specification (4BI0) and provides excellent preparation for the new IGCSE examination first available in June 2011.

What’s in the course?

The course consists of 5 modules containing 23 lessons, with 11 Tutor-Marked Assignments, plus a substantial mock Exam.

The five modules are: 

Module 1:       Cells and Organisms

Module 2:       Plant and Animal Physiology A

Module 3:       Plant and Animal Physiology B

Module 4:       Inheritance

Module 5:       Ecology and Food Production

What else do I need to study this course? 

Students will need to buy the Edexcel IGCSE Biology student book as this forms an integral part of the course.  You will also need to have access to the internet. 

The textbook that is referred to throughout this course is: 

Edexcel IGCSE Biology (2009)

 Authors:  Phil Bradfield and Steve Potter

 Publisher: Pearson Education ISBN: 978 0 435966 88 1

You can order this via our website.


There are two written exams lasting two hours and one hour respectively

Paper One: the total number of marks is 120, two thirds of the overall total. The paper examines all of the specification content and all of the assessment objectives. There will be a range of compulsory short-answer, structured questions, which gradually increase in difficulty to ensure accessibility for less able students, as well as to stretch more able students.

 Paper Two: the total number of marks is 60, one third of the overall total. This paper also examines all of the specification content, but will focus on investigation and the analysis of data.

In both papers, students may be required to perform calculations, draw graphs and describe, explain and interpret biological phenomena. Some of the question content will be unfamiliar to students; these questions are designed to assess data-handling skills and the ability to apply biological principles to unfamiliar information.

Where can I sit my exam?

You can sit the IGCSE Biology exam at Edexcel UK test centres, or at any Edexcel International test centre world-wide.

For further details, please see the Course Introduction, or contact one of our student advisers for information.  We hope you will enjoy studying for your IGCSE Biology exam with Oxford Open Learning.

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