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How To Keep Up Your Creativity Levels

Creativity is something that many people believe is unlearnable- they believe it comes from internal talent or something abstract. However, creativity is actually something that anyone can develop- just like any other skill out there. Here are a few ways that you can foster and grow your sense of creativity, and hopefully push you out of your comfort zone.

1. Take up a musical instrument

Studies have shown that taking up a new musical instrument such as the piano can improve the brain’s wiring and neural connections, leading to more creative thought processes. The connection between music and creativity has been proven scientifically, and many famous scientists such as Albert Einstein attribute part of their success to their musical abilities.

2. Exercise and Creativity

Did you know that exercise can improve blood circulation and increase your mood dramatically? This actually leads to positive effects on the brain and can boost creativity instantly, as it allows fresh oxygen to flow to your mind. Research by Stanford University shows that gentle exercise such as walking or jogging improves creative thinking, and that people who engage in exercise are more creative at work. Exercise can also give you some valuable time off whatever task you are doing, allowing you to detach your mind for a while. Sometimes, this helps improve your creativity after you come back to the task.

3. Do puzzles and play games

The brain is a complicated organ, and numerous studies have shown that playing games is associated with increased productivity and creativity. For example, chess players have to navigate the complicated rules of the game in order to outperform their competitors. The strategic thinking required to win board games means that individuals who engage in these activities outperform regular people in areas of flexibility, originality and creativity.

4. Collaborate with other people

Andrew Ng, co-founder and head of Google Brain, once said this: “”In my own life, I found that whenever I wasn’t sure what to do next, I would go and learn a lot, read a lot, talk to experts. I don’t know how the human brain works but it’s almost magical: when you read enough or talk to enough experts, when you have enough inputs, new ideas start appearing.” Collaborating with others may help you find new ways to tackle existing problems, and open your mind up to new solutions that may give you a creativity boost.

Creativity is just like a muscle- it needs to be stretched, developed and pushed past its limit in order for it to expand and grow. With these few tips and tricks you can start expanding your horizons today.

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