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Healthy Writing Habits

Nowadays, we are very aware of what it means to be healthy: eat well, drink plenty of water, get lots of exercise. Mental wellness, too, is very important, and there are plenty of opportunities to help where that is concerned. But what about having a healthy writing habit? This is something that lots of writers, professional and otherwise, struggle with. Here are my top three healthy writing habits that will help to ensure you are on the right (write) track:

Writing Regularly

It is, perhaps, easier said than done. However, making sure you write regularly is important. Some people write at the same time, every day, such as from 9.00am for an hour. Other people prefer to scribble away at night-time, tucked up in bed. The main thing is, having a routine is crucial – as humans, we are attuned to having habits, but for some reason, we don’t always apply this to writing. If you want some extra support, there are a lot of resources available online. For example, the London Writers’ Salon* ( facilitates the Writers’ Hour which is at 8.00am every day, online. See – no excuses!

Be Prepared

If you’re anything like me, you can probably recall being out and about, listening to snippets of conversation, seeing interesting things, and thinking: wow, that would make a great story! So, make it into a great story – what’s stopping you? Carry a small notebook and pen – or use your phone if you’re a technology devotee. Jot down those observations, those thoughts and ideas – then you can build them into a story, or whatever form of writing you are doing. You never know – that crowded bus journey home may result in a mini masterpiece!

Relax Into The Routine

Writers sometimes stress about their work not being good enough – they have inferiority complexes, think they’re not good enough. Relax – any writing is better than no writing! You might write a list of quirky adjectives, and these could be used later. Or, perhaps you create a nasty character outline who finds its way into your next poem. If you struggle with writers’ block (we all do – don’t worry), use a site such as* – it’s brilliant for inspiration and prompts.

There you have it – three top habits to make a part of your life. So, nothing is stopping you – go and have fun with words!


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