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3 Energising Online Learning Resources to Enjoy During Lockdown

The current lockdown has highlighted the huge value of YouTube and social media as a topic-rich, online educational platform. There already existed a wide range of online learning resources, but since lockdown the number of online home learning resources has grown exponentially. As a home-based learner, you can now learn virtually anything you want, when you want, often for free. Here’s some of the most relevant resources for young home-based learners.

  1. BBC Bitesize

This resource has been around a long time, but since Monday 21st April, the team from BBC Bitesize have incorporated ‘Daily Lessons’ into their offering, which aim to provide structured learning to kids at home during lock-down. They offer 3 new lessons every week day for each year group from Year 1 to Year 10, making it an almost one-stop shop for lockdown home learning.

     2. Natural History Museum

This fascinating, free online resource includes lots of educational activities and games that you can do in the house or garden. If you are interested in biology and natural history then you can access great resources such as their Dinosaur directory which has facts, figures and images for over 300 dinosaurs, or their Open Air Laboratories learning resources. The content is relevant for Key stages 1-4 and post-16.

     3. Mathletics

This is a great online learning resources, enabling children from key stage 1, right through to key stage 4 to develop their mathematics skills in a fun and engaging game-based learning environment. It comes with a 48-hour free trial

National History Museum


BBC Bitesize




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