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Phenomenon-based Learning

What can the UK learn from Finland’s “Phenomenon-based” Teaching?

Students learn the interconnectivity of several diverse disciplines. Think, Arts meets STEM subjects. And importantly, they can apply findings to real life scenarios.

Technological Skills

New Decade, New Tricks: Skills in Demand Beyond 2020

Analytical thinking and innovation remain firmly at the top of the table in terms of demanded skills. Active Learning and Learning strategies are second.


What Is Long-term Learning?

Understanding how you are learning can be just as important as what you’re trying to learn.

Multitasking badly on the phone

Multitasking during online studies – Help or hindrance?

As exciting as being constantly connected to the world may be, our increasingly digitally- lived lives are making us more distant, drained and distracted than ever

Could Virtual Reality be the future of education?

Is Virtual Reality the future of Online Learning?

There are many reasons to be excited about the possibilities that the experience of Virtual Reality offers to online learners. As current as the concept is, the first VR headset is reported as having been born of the 1960s, coined as the “Telesphere Mask” by inventor Morton Heilig. Today it is an immersive and interactive […]

Young people need more help with their mental health.

Children’s Mental Health – How does the UK compare?

Comparisons with other wealthy countries show that mental health problems amongst children and young people here have increased five-fold over the past 20 years and will increase a further 63% by 2030 if the current trend continues.

Teacher and pupil

5 Qualities that make a great Teacher

We remember the teachers who shared their unique stories, illuminated a subject’s path and took us on the journey with them. And made us smile.

Martin Luther King Jr.

3 Quotes to Inspire Educators on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr King spoke about the value of good education and there is much that educators can learn from his wisdom.

Learning a new Language such as Mandarin may give you a significant employability advantage.

5 Reasons to Learn a new Language in 2019

The UK’s imminent exit from the EU highlights the need, perhaps now more than ever before, for languages to be at the forefront of the educational curriculum.

Tools for STEM skill subjects

Filling the STEM subjects and skills gap

Providing children with advice on career choices should happen much sooner in schools than at present.

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