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The Language Of Shakespeare

In the light of his relatively low level of education, Shakespeare’s impact on the English language is still more extraordinary.


Ways To Enhance Your Wellbeing This Autumn

Life can get so busy… sometimes it can be easy to forget to make time for each other.


Could You Be A Friend To Bees?

The global bee population is under threat. We need to take action to protect bees, and to reverse their decline.


The Eight Phases Of The Moon

The various shapes of the Moon are classified into eight phases, which all appear to us during the course of a lunar month – approximately 29.5 days.


The Delights Of Daffodils

Wordsworth’s wife, Mary Hutchinson, contributed what he himself described as the poem’s two best lines: ‘They flash upon that inward eye / Which is the bliss of solitude’.


March Hares: Madness, Magic And Myth

The hare has long been associated with witchcraft, and a witch is traditionally believed to have the power to shapeshift into a hare.


The Art Of February

These images are surprisingly similar in their representations of February as a month of not only harsh weather and hard labour, but also of striking contrasts and unexpected beauty.


Snowdrops, Hope And Renewal

Seeing a single snowdrop flower was once believed to bring bad luck. Even in these modern times, some people still won’t bring snowdrops into their home.


A Pair Of Poems To Read In Winter

Why not pull the curtains, settle into a cosy chair, and immerse yourself in some of the world’s best winter poetry?



Polaris, or the North or Pole Star, can to the naked eye appear a single star, but it is actually a triple star system.

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