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Jilly Gardiner is a writer and a lecturer, and spent many years in TV broadcasting. She has a degree in Journalism, and a Master’s in Scriptwriting, and has taught at higher education institutions in the UK and the Middle East. Jilly’s short feature, Being Keegan, starring Stephen Graham, has won a number of international awards. She was a winner of the Windsor Drama Award (The Kenneth Branagh Award), and her work has been produced at theatres around the UK and Dubai. Jilly now teaches at Winchester University, Bucks and Restore, Oxford.

Online learning

Breaking Down Barriers Into Online Learning

Considering Online learning’s great benefits, it may be asked, what is stopping some of us from stepping forward and taking advantage?


Education And The Class Divide

Statistically, there remains a north / south divide showing that students from the south are more likely to achieve a grade higher than their northern peers.

distance learning

Overcoming Adult Learning Anxiety

Don’t be afraid to contact your tutor for guidance and feedback if you hit any barriers or want clarification of any kind.

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