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Christmas Science: We Three Kings: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

International GCSE Chemistry 1g Covalent substances, 1h Metallic crystals Three highly prized gifts two millennia ago given by the three Kings.  A scientific analysis follows of the structure of gold, frankincense and myrrh…and still a little mystery Gold is an unusual metal in that it is bright yellow and so unreactive that it is possible […]

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Mistletoe and Wine: The Biology of mistletoe and the making of wine

Will Cliff have the Christmas number 1 this year? Who knows, but his Mistletoe and Wine song from 1988 has stood the test of time almost as well as Cliff himself. Here we will learn about Mistletoe’s ecology, and how wine is made. Mistletoe is the Christmas plant hung in doorways to induce passers through […]

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Things that go BANG! The Science of Fireworks

A significant number of chemists and chemistry students are not in it for the money …. but in it for the explosions (and I am no exception). A secret hankering to be a fireworks engineer bubbles to the surface (or should that be ‘explodes into the atmosphere’?) every November 5th. Well, it’s time for some […]

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How to build a bonfire – the science of Combustion

The centre piece of a Bonfire Night party is, of course, the bonfire:  setting fire to Guy Fawkes’s effigy at the start, warming chilly hands during the evening and toasting marshmallows on the embers at the end.  A bonfire is a wonderful amalgamation of biology, chemistry and physics.  This blog looks at a little of […]

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