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A level Maths and Statistics

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Last examination in June 2018
A level Maths and Statistics

Maths and Statistics A level – a brief introduction

This Maths A level will be examined for the last time in June 2018.  If you are looking to take your exam after this date have a look at out brand new Mathematics A level for 2019 exams.

The Maths and Statistics A level includes two major components – AS level and A2 level. The AS level is a qualification in its own right and may be studied for on a one-year distance learning course.

Each lesson begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study.

Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self-assessment questions.

The AS level course includes thirteen Tutor-marked Assignments (known as TMAs). The A2 course has a further ten TMAs.
If you are considering enrolling on a Maths and Mechanics A Level with Oxford Open Learning we recommend you also look at our Pure Maths and Maths and Statistics A Levels.

The Oxford Open Learning course is designed to match the requirements of the AQA 6361 specification  which comprises six units that have the following titles:

AS level Maths and Stats

  • Pure Core 1: algebra, trigonometry, integration, etc.
  • Pure Core 2: exponentials, logarithms, etc.
  • Statistics 1B: probability, collection of data, correlation, etc.

A2 level Maths and Stats

  • Pure Core 3: algebraic functions, coordinate geometry, etc.
  • Pure Core 4: vectors, further coordinate geometry, etc.
  • Statistics 2B: sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, etc.

This course prepares candidates for the AQA Mathematics AS level syllabus 5361, for examination in 2017 and later years. Most candidates will then study the A2 syllabus 6361. The full Advanced level qualification comprises AS and A2. We have chosen this syllabus as it is the most suited to distance learning.


Assessment is by three written papers for the AS level and three written papers for the A2 level. There is no coursework.


As with most A levels, it is necessary to have 4 GCSE’s grade C or above (including Maths) to study this A level. However, just a mere pass is not usually a sufficient basis on which to progress to ‘A’ level. In particular you are expected to have a good grasp of algebra — equations, factors, fractions, and, especially, the manipulation of formulae.

If your Maths skills were acquired a number of years ago, it might be an idea to purchase a GCSE Maths revision book to help refresh your memory.


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