Studying with us

As a Company, we try to help students who have special needs but please be aware that we are not a specialist teaching centre.

Because our students work from home, those with physical problems often find that our method of study suits them well and in addition to our paper courses we can also supply PDF versions which can be sized for those with eyesight problems or printed off in various forms to meet other requirements.

If coloured paper helps anyone with dyslexia we can also supply blue, pink or yellow paper.

Many students who encounter problems in social situations find that our method of study is very non intimidating and the flexibilty in timing and tutor contact helps them enormously.

Taking exams

When it comes to sitting exams, the situation for student’s with special needs or a requirement for special access arrangements is not straightforward and therefore it is important that we are informed of your situation when you apply. If you do not tell us until exam booking time it will be too late for us to help you.

Although the learning and teaching is done by us, the majority of our students will have to take their exams at local schools or colleges and they will come under the category of Private or External Candidates.

This means that these students will not be known to the staff at the centre where they book their exam. It therefore becomes a long and costly process to prove to the exam boards that a student who is not known to the centre as one of their students should have a special arrangement and many exam officers will, unfortunately, refuse to get involved.

If we know that you have special exam requirements when you apply, we can explain what you will need to do and try to advise you on the most likely places to help.

If you are sitting with Oxford Open Learning as an Internal Candidate and this only applies to those studying English GCSE, English Language A level, English Literature A level or History A level, then we have our own SENCO arrangement and we can provide a service which will demonstrate your need to the exam board This should help you to find an exam sitting more easily. Unfortunately, this will not be free and again we must know what your needs are when you apply and not sometime later.

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