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Everyday Mathematics

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Everyday Mathematics

Did you struggle with arithmetic at school? Has Maths always been a problem for you? It need not be! Our Everyday Mathematics course gently introduces you to numbers and how to use them in everyday life. You no longer need to be afraid of working out the cost of something, as this course will show you how, in clear and simple steps. At the same time, it will give you enough confidence and knowledge of the subject to proceed to GCSE Mathematics if you would like to do so.

Key Topics Covered

  • Subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers
  • Fractions and the decimal system
  • Measurement
  • Ratio Proportion and percentages
  • Home and business finance
  • Time, distance and speed

This course does not lead to an examination. An Oxford Open Learning Certificate of Completion will be issued when you have completed your course.

When you have completed Everyday Mathematics, you will be ideally placed to progress to Oxford Open Learning’s Mathematics GCSE.

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