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Online Distance Learning and Home Study

Building on over 20 years experience in successfully delivering courses to students world-wide, Oxford Open Learning is now enabling students to access our distance learning courses online.  If you prefer working with traditional study materials in print that’s fine – we will continue to offer all our study materials in sturdy course folders.  However, if you would prefer to access your study materials online – on your computer, notebook or phone – then check here to see if your choice of course is available online.  The list is growing!

For school administrators, we continue to offer our Certificate in Educational Administration and Certificate in Management Practice courses online.

Our new online courses include:

GCSE Psychology

IGCSE English Language

IGCSE History

Online Features

Identical in content to our traditional courses, the online courses enable students to access their course materials wherever they are able to get online.  There’s no need to carry your course folder around with you; instead, just login and your course materials are there on your laptop, notebook or phone.  Our online classroom enables you to:

  • Access your course materials wherever you can go online
  • Upload assignments from your files and email them to your tutor
  • Receive your grades, tutor feedback and model answers to assignments
  • Rapidly access activities via links within the text
  • Upload your answers to activities and store them online
  • Organise and store your own files in ‘my private files’
  • Read the latest blogs on your subject
  • Join in with the news forum

What’s the difference between our Online and offline course materials?

Our online course will enable you to study your course materials whenever you are online.  You can access the course on computer, on your phone, or via an electronic notebook.  There’s no need to carry your course folder with you when you are on the move.  You can store your own notes within our online classroom and keep all your study materials in one place.

Our highly successful course folders of study materials provide a print-based version of the same course content.  Hard copy materials offer students a well-established means of accessing well-organised, high quality study materials that they can keep with them at home, or in their usual place of study.

How can I find out more?

Further details of these courses are available via the links above to individual subject webpages.  From these pages you can access our online classroom, Oxford Online Learning, and sample our online materials.  We hope you will enjoy your visit, and if you would like more information about our online courses, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you.


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