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Quality Course Materials

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Course Packs

When your application to study with Oxford Open Learning is accepted, you will receive one of our course study packs. These course materials will have been written to meet the requirements of a specific syllabus, so you can be confident that your course will cover everything you need in order to pass your examination.

The courses are developed and written by subject experts and qualified teachers, often working in collaboration to ensure that the course covers the ground at the right pace and level, as well as fulfilling the requirements of the specification.

Course Contents

All Oxford Open Learning courses consist of:

  • A course introduction
  • A set of lessons sub-divided into modules according to the specification
  • Self-assessment tests
  • Activities
  • Tutor-marked Assignments

Depending on the subject, courses may also include listening material on CD-Rom, access to password-protected internet resources, glossaries, appendices, case studies, maps and other practice material.

As you navigate our website, you will find that there is a subject page for each of our courses. Where appropriate, this will include links to the relevant specification (syllabus) or awarding body, and an introduction to the course in Portable Document Format (pdf). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to access some of these documents. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded here.

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