Freelance Blogging jobs at Oxford Open Learning

Freelance Blogging jobs at Oxford Open Learning

Oxford Open Learning is always trying to provide rich and informative content on its educational blogs.  Our blogs may aim to:

  • Inform debate on educational issues of the day
  • Provide students with information useful to them
  • Provide subject specific insights and tips
  • Provide educational news
  • Write about Oxford Open Learning Students and their successes
  • Review educational software, apps and books which relate to Oxford Open Learning courses

In order to help us continue to provide such content we are actively seeking freelance blog writers who already have a good working knowledge of the UK educational system.  Pay is on a per blog basis with the expectation that each blog would be around 400 words.  Longer topics would be broken down into a series of blogs.

If you are interested in writing for Oxford Open Learning, please contact Greg on 01865 798022 or email with a CV.

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