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Why We Need To Keep Museums Going

Museums – Why Do We Need Them?

You might think that in the age of the internet museums are no longer needed as we can all access information at the click of a button. But museums are carefully curated to deliver a sensory experience that exceeds the learning that can be achieved simply scrolling down a screen.


Often, museum exhibitions and displays are educational, helping bring different eras and cultures to life through visuals, sounds and various interactive experiences. Some museums even use smell as a way of really enhancing the sensory experience. Attending a museum can transform the learning experience into something really enjoyable and it can also be quite an emotional experience that can leave a long-lasting impression on the visitor. Museums are always seeking out ways to push the boundaries and take their exhibitions to the next level leaving visitors amazed. Implementing technology and focusing on activating our senses are two key ways museums do this.

A museum offers insights into ways of life, cultures and particular periods in time, and also show how specific tasks and activities were carried out. These could be tasks that are still common today but done differently in the past. Such experiences help us learn about societal development whilst appreciating our modern lives as they are today. Books can deliver the same information in a two-dimensional format. However, museums provide experiences that are as accurate as possible right down to the most intricate details to help bring exhibitions to life.

Museums Benefit Everyone

Museums are all-inclusive spaces where everyone is welcome. You can enjoy a museum regardless of your race, gender, class or beliefs. There is a sense that museums bring people with like-minded interests together, forming communities and cultures where people will interact more, allowing them to forget their differences. Groups of people with a common interest and an appreciation for times gone by can meet other like-minded friends and contacts through attending museums as well as taking part in the various activities and events that are held in museums.

More and more museums understand the importance of encouraging visitors to return regularly and they offer a varied programme of lectures, workshops, role-play activities and special events to attract visitors. Unique exhibitions of special collections of historical goods allow visitors to see artefacts that they otherwise may never have access to, such, as royal jewellery or famous artworks. These events are aimed at being educational, entertaining and for people of all ages.

Museums are normally very serene places filled with beautiful artefacts and there is a very special atmosphere of calm in a museum. People normally speak in hushed voices whilst admiring the exhibitions. It’s a perfect place to escape the real world where everything is fast-paced, loud and constantly moving. Museums are a great place to relax, gather your thoughts and unwind a little. It could be the ideal day out to destress focus on your health and wellbeing whilst learning something new. Then there’s always the added bonus of a cafe for a nice cup of tea ( possibly) and a gift shop to pick up a memory of a nice day out.

Have A Search

Next time you’re scrolling the internet looking to learn about art or history, why not change your search and see if you can find a museum nearby that can teach you the same information in a great day out?

People working within museums offer an opportunity to ask questions and expand our knowledge from what is simply displayed in the museum. They often provide information in ways that expand our thinking and help us to really grasp ideas through interactive experiences such as role play and storytelling. These activities help us learn about how things were at a particular time in history

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