Oxford Home Schooling releases new KS3 Science Year 8 course

Oxford Home Schooling releases new KS3 Science Year 8 course

Oxford Home Schooling is Oxford Open Learning’s sister company.  OHS offers home education courses for students who are under 18 years old.  OHS courses are developed to National Curriculum standards and offer carefully structured and appropriately paced learning opportunities for students between the ages of 11 and 19.  Each course is supported by a personal tutor who is a qualified teacher with experience in teaching the subject.  All of our tutors are carefully chosen and CRB checked.

What subjects does OHS offer at Key Stage 3?

Key Stage 3 covers the 11-14 age range.  Our KS3 courses include:





Which KS3 Science course do I need?

Our brand new Key Stage 3 Science Year 8 course is now available from Oxford Home Schooling.  This is suitable for OHS students who are studying KS3 Science at Year 8 level.  So if you are home schooling your children you might like to explore this lively and engaging new science course. It’s stuffed full of practical activities that can be carried out at home or in your local environment. Well-paced, and written in a clear, informative style, the course will appeal to 11-13-year olds because it is also fun to follow.

(Students wanting to begin KS3 Science in Year 7 should follow our Year 7 course. Those in Year 9 should continue to follow our complete KS3 Science Years 7-9 course.  Our new Year 9 course will be available in June 2011. Like the new Year 7 course, our new Year 8 course follows an integrated approach to all three sciences with lessons on each of the 3 sciences following each other in rotation.  The complete KS3 Science course follows a block-based approach to each of the sciences.)

KS3 Science Year 8: the Syllabus

The course has been developed to National Curriculum standards and programmes of study. It also meets the requirements of the UK 13+ Common Entrance standards, and provides excellent preparation towards the Common Entrance exam.  Written by an experienced science teacher, Dr Philip West, it’s a brand new course with lots of new lesson content, activities and questions.  Building on the Year 7 course, the Year 8 course continues to prepare students for studying the GCSE/IGCSE syllabus both in terms of scientific knowledge and investigative skills.

What’s in the course?

The course consists of 6 modules containing 18 lessons. There are 6 Tutor-marked Assignments including an investigation. The course also includes a Guide for Parents which contains answers to Self-assessment Tests and Activities.

The six modules are:

Module 1:  Food, Equations and Electricity  (sample lesson)

Module 2:  Respiration, Burning and Electricity

Module 3:  Breathing, Rocks and Heat

Module 4:  Adaptations, Rocks and Heat

Module 5:  Ecology and Gravity

Module 6:  Student Investigation

Practical Facilities

Students will need to have access to the internet in order to carry out some of the course activities, including project research.  They will also need to carry out simple experiments (that could be done in the kitchen, for example) under adult supervision.

Special Requirements

A reasonable level of proficiency in arithmetical skills is assumed.


Assessment is progressive via tutor-marked assignments at the end of each module.

Home Education

So if you are home educating your children and would like to know more about our new KS3 Science Year 8 course, please contact one of our student advisers who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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