Home education: a blog for parents: School Holidays?

Home education: a blog for parents: school holidays?

Holidays and Home Education

Parents new to home education often worry what to do about the school holidays, do you take them all or not, what is the best and the fairest thing to do? I suppose the worst thing parents can do is to be perceived as not being fair by their children and I think parents considering home education have to be on their guard that they are not making their children work longer hours overall than they would be expected to do at school. Remember that the system of three school terms per year was originally designed to blend in with the agricultural timetable so it has really got nothing to do with educational priorities

This could mean that your children have school holidays free from lessons or it could mean that as a family you can now choose to have your holidays at a time which suits you all. Your Education Authority will have some way of checking that your youngster is spending sufficient time at their studies, but they have no interest in when these study hours take place. Time for a family conference to decide what is going to be best for you as a family!

So think of the issue of holidays not as a problem but as another way in which you can show your youngsters the benefits of home education!


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