GCSE registration 2013/2014 I Oxford Open Learning

GCSE registration 2013/2014

Last Dates for Registration

This year Oxford Open Learning’s final dates for registration onto courses leading to summer 2014 examinations are shown below.

  • GCSE or IGCSE,  Friday the 15th November
  • Full A level, Monday  the 30th September
  • AS or A2 level, Thursday the 31st October

These are guideline dates.  If you have a particularly strong case for late acceptance we will consider your application.  An example of a situation where we would consider breaking our guidelines would be where the course in question is a re-sit.  If you are in any doubt, please speak to one of our student advisers on 0800 9757575.

Fast track GCSE and IGCSE courses

The following courses have a Fast Track option:

Fast Track is only available to the strongest candidates.  Full details of the Fast Track course can be found in the following links:

The final date for registration onto a Fast Track GCSE or IGCSE for summer 2014 is Friday 14th of February 2014.

And finally, please remember that the longer you give yourself to study, the better grade you are likely to get! So apply early! If you can’t apply early, unless you really need that pass grade in a short time frame, consider a later examination date.

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