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Feeling too old to learn? Don’t!

Are you getting that learning itch? Perhaps you’re thinking of improving your skills for better job prospects. Or maybe you just want some academic qualifications under your belt for your own sense of personal achievement.
Regardless of why you are thinking of going back into education, if you are a mature student, it can be terrifying. It shouldn’t be, though. Mature students are the best! Here are some reasons why…

You are more likely to succeed than your younger self or peers. Successful studying is down to a variety of things. But one of the biggest things you need is motivation – and as a mature student, you will have oodles of it.

That may sound like a confident claim. But since you are making a choice to return to education, and are likely to be driven by a personal goal, your motivation levels are very likely to be more consistent and higher than your younger peers.

Experience = Better Learning

As a mature student your life experience will help you in so many ways. To start with, it allows you to contextualise a lot of your learning. You will have a clearer idea of how to apply experience to real life situations by now. Additionally, life experience makes you resilient, which is a very important trait to have when learning.

Mature students forge great relationships with their teachers

Mature students don’t need their teachers to instil discipline. They need their teachers to support them. Since you are both adults, mature students tend to built excellent relationships with teachers. In fact, teachers love mature students, as they are keen to learn. Teachers can therefore better share their passion for their subject with their students.

Time management unlocks successful study

Mature students are usually much better at organising themselves than their younger cohorts. The older the student, the better they are. After all, chances are, as a mature student you will have commitments outside of your personal life, and will be accustomed to multitasking.

Mature students will of course vary in age. But regardless of how old or young you are, you won’t be alone. Most academic establishments have a sizeable group of mature students. And as one of them, you are likely to be well equipped to get the most out of your learning.

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Sumantha is an education and training specialist with over ten years' experience in developing and delivering adult and secondary level education. Her professional journey includes a six-year stint as a secondary school teacher. She is currently a freelance content writer and learning and development consultant. Sumantha also has a portfolio of private students who she teaches up to GCSE level.

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