Distance learning interest surges in India I Oxford Open Learning

Distance learning interest surges in India

The high cut-off rates set by the majority of colleges at Delhi University are encouraging more students in India to consider distance learning, a recent report in the Indian Express has indicated. Announced on June 26th, the government-funded university’s cut-offs – the minimum mark percentage required to study – were as high as 99 per cent on some courses.

Many of the students who were disappointed to be denied access to their chosen course are now seeing Delhi University’s School of Open Learning (SOL) as an alternative to gaining entry. “There is no difference between the degree awarded by any of the regular colleges and one that’s awarded by this school. I will get the same degree I would have got if I had pursued a course from a Hindu or a Hansraj,” said student Aditya Pratap Singh.

However, on July 30th Delhi University announced a second cut-off list for admissions, which eased the pressure on hopeful students somewhat. In particular, the rate to study history at Sri Aurobindo College fell by 22 per cent, while physics, chemistry, zoology and botany all received ten per cent cuts.

Explaining the increased interest in the university’s distance learning offerings, SOL executive director H C Pokhriyal said: “We do not have any additional eligibility criteria, unlike regular colleges. If one clears the minimum eligibility criteria set by the university, they can get admission.”

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