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Are We Alone? The UFO Congress Hearings

A Summary Of The Unexplained

Aliens. UFOs. Unexplained phenomena. For almost a hundred years, they have been the subject of some excellent thought-provoking fiction, particularly in the classic series ‘The X-Files’ that always promised us that the truth is out there.

On July 26th, allegedly that truth finally came to light as several United States Military Intelligence officers delivered statements to a hearing in front of Congress, declaring the existence of alien life. Just what revelations were revealed exactly?

Well, not a lot, unfortunately.

Alien ‘Biologics’ Found

In a recent House Oversight subcommittee hearing on UFOs, also referred to as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), three former military officials testified before Congress, shedding light on the government’s knowledge of these phenomena and the need for transparency. David Grusch, a former military intelligence officer, turned whistleblower, claimed that the U.S. government possesses information about UAPs that it hasn’t disclosed to the public or Congress. Grusch alleged that he was aware of a “multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program” but was denied access to it. He further claimed that funds were misappropriated to maintain the secrecy of these programs.

Grusch’s testimony also included references to “nonhuman biologics” recovered from UAP crash sites. While he did not provide specific details in the public hearing due to sensitivity, he stated that he knew of “multiple colleagues” who were injured by UAPs and had direct knowledge of these non-human materials.

Beyond Human Capabilities

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves and David Fravor, who encountered UAPs during their service, also testified. Graves highlighted the inadequate reporting systems for UAP encounters and the stigma associated with discussing such incidents. He described detecting unknown objects during his service, noting their distinct characteristics. Fravor shared his 2004 encounter with a peculiar oval-shaped object off the California coast. He reported its unprecedented maneuvers and expressed his belief that the technology exhibited was beyond current human capabilities.

What Next?

Lawmakers expressed bipartisan concern about the lack of transparency surrounding UAPs, emphasising their potential national security implications. They called for more disclosure and investigation into these phenomena. Some members of Congress are advocating for legislation that would compel executive branch agencies to release UAP records for review, similar to demands for greater transparency in other areas.

The hearing reflects the growing interest and willingness among lawmakers to demand more information from military and intelligence agencies regarding UAPs, aiming to shed light on these mysterious occurrences and their potential implications for national security and scientific understanding. Bold claims that the US government have alien ‘biologics’ and technology are being met with little more than a raised eyebrow.

However, with the lack of tangible evidence, it’s not surprising the populace is reacting with no more than a casual shrug. At the very least, many expected photos or pieces of relevant extra-terrestrial material. Without that, what should have been a landmark occasion only served to leave many still sceptical.

But, as Mulder said, the truth is out there. We may just have to wait a little longer to get it.

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