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All The World’s A Stage…

Theatre. To some, this word conjures up fun afternoons with the family at Christmas, laughing at corny pantomime jokes. To others, it may well be something more serious, or thought-provoking, or perhaps scary (think The Woman in Black, based on Susan Hill’s novella). Whatever floats your theatrical boat, going to watch a live performance is hard to beat.

World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day has been celebrated on this day since 27th March 1962, when the ‘Theatre of Nations’ season opened in Paris. There are many ‘national’ and ‘international’ days – some of which celebrate rather odd, perhaps unusual things – so celebrating the stage is brilliant, and something we should all try and enjoy more often.

So, what is it about theatre that makes it so magical? To me, it is the whole experience of sitting, transfixed, and watching the stage come alive, so to speak. I love it and go whenever I can – so yes, I am biased – but I have been lucky to have had some amazing experiences which make me appreciate this dramatic form even more. I loved the way that Eddie Redmayne performed as Emcee in the fabulous Cabaret – he just blew me away in this musical, which originates from 1966. I also loved John Heffernan’s caustic Benedict in the National Theatre’s Much Ado About Nothing. I love how the New Old Friends theatre group have a handful of characters playing multiple roles – no mean feat. To me, theatre is a fantastic way of spending a night (or afternoon) out and it keeps this art form alive.


If you get a chance to go, do so. Okay, you might not find that you didn’t like a play, but being constructively critical is healthy, too! Perhaps you may be fortunate enough to be see a performance of an English Literature text you are studying – that would be a win-win as it helps you with your revision as well. Theatre shouldn’t just be celebrated on one day a year, and of course it isn’t. World Theatre Day brings the stage to the forefront of our minds and makes us think about how lucky we are to have amazing productions up and down the country. So – see what’s on at your local playhouse and book some tickets!

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