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Biology A level students to get predicted grades only

Biology students at Runshaw College in Lancashire are to receive only their predicted AS and A level grades for a recent exam, after an examining board ruled that their teachers had given them an unfair advantage. The Lancashire Evening Post reports that some 650 biology A level candidates at the college, which claims to be the top performing institution of its kind in Lancashire, will not get the actual grades for the summer exams they sat.

This is because teachers gave them too much information about what to expect in the practical science exam, says examining board AQA. The college said the incident was due to a “misinterpretation of the rules” and it was the first time such a thing had happened.

“The college has an exemplary track record in relation to the proper conduct of public examinations; to ensure fair implementation of all examinations, we very regularly take measures beyond those that are required by the exam boards,” a spokesperson told the newspaper.

AQA has said that overall AS and A level grades will not be adversely affected by the action, as students are given estimated grades based on their performance in other modules of the course.

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