Academic Reference Policy -

Academic Reference Policy

Oxford Open Learning is very happy to help with references or predicted grades for students considering applying to college, university or VI form.  From September 2020 we will, however, be making a charge for this.

Predicted grades:  If you require predicted grades for your child, without a reference, we are happy to provide this at no charge.  Please contact with details.  We will then speak to all the relevant tutors and respond as quickly as possible including sending predictions to the school or college if necessary.

Reference to VI form or further education college: If you are applying to college or school for A levels or further education and require a reference and predicted grades we will provide this for you at a charge of £45.  We will discuss your predicted grades and progress with each individual tutor and put together a comprehensive reference that can be sent to colleges and schools on your behalf.  Please note that students need to have completed a minimum of four assignments per subject in order for us to have something to base our reference/prediction on.  Please contact if you require this giving full details including deadlines.

University entrance:  We are delighted to help students achieve their goal of attending university.  Our students in the past have gone all over the country including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities,  studying anything from Foreign Languages to Politics. If you are intending, or even just considering, applying to university and may require a reference from Oxford Open Learning and its tutors to support your application then we need to know in advance.  We will make a charge of £100 for supporting your application and providing predicted grades and a well-rounded reference which will incorporate something from each of your tutors and be specific to your application. This charge will be made at the point when you definitely decide that you are going ahead with your UCAS application.

The deadlines for informing Oxford Open Learning are

  • 1st August for Oxford or Cambridge
  • 1st December for all other universities

We ask you to email .  Your email should include information on which subjects you are applying to study at university as well as any information that will back up your application – volunteering work, why you are interested in the subject, any experience you may have etc.

Reference requests received after this date will incur a £50 penalty payment.

In order that we have something on which to base a reference and/or predicted grade, you need to have done a MINIMUM of six assignments in each of your subjects. More is better! Your tutor will want you to succeed so talk to them about your plans; it will help with your application if they know something about you.

Most of our students will be applying to university as independent candidates, i.e. not via a school. If this is you, then you will need to put the following information into the referee section of your application:

Amanda Blunden, Director,
Oxford Open Learning,
4 Kings Meadow,
Oxford OX2 0DP,
Telephone 01865 798022.

If you are still at school and are doing an A level with Oxford Open Learning as an addition to your school studies, then check with your school whether they will accept a predicted grade or some input from Oxford Open Learning into the reference that they are doing for you (not all of them will). We can send this to the school but will need to know who to send it to and what the school deadline is.

The more preparation you can do in advance, the better. If you rush your application it may not succeed.

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