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What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a form of study that lets you choose your own time and place to learn.  This might be at home, on the bus, in a library, at the weekend, in the evening: wherever and whenever it suits you.

Open learning not only allows you to choose your own time and place to study, but also encourages you to explore a range of media by listening, reading, watching, talking, writing, and going online.  Many universities now use distance learning alongside other forms of teaching and study both as a way of widening access for students, and to increase the range of study options available.

At Oxford Open Learning we add to this approach to learning by providing a range of course materials carefully designed to meet the requirements of qualification specifications.  So if you want to gain, say, a GCSE in Maths or an A Level in French so you can apply for a course, for example, in accounting or nursing or at university, you can be sure our course materials will be up to the job of helping you achieve your goal.

Our course materials include lessons, activities, self-assessment tests, and tutor-marked assignments.  These printed materials are sent to students in course folders. Some courses also include access to high quality online resources on subscription websites. (The cost of access is included in the basic cost of the course, and is not an extra.)  These online resources have been developed by educational publishers or expert teachers and come with full recommendations from the relevant examination board.  They provide a highly focussed approach to going online for information about your subject.  The course materials open up a subject and enable you to manage your study in an orderly way as you progress towards your exam.

As a student on one of our open learning courses you will be closely supported by a fully qualified, experienced teacher who will mark your assignments and offer you constructive advice to help you with your learning.

You can also call on our student advisers and dedicated exams officer who will answer your queries, help you find an exam centre, and guide you through the process of applying to take an exam.

No matter where you are, or what time zone you are in around the world, you can choose distance learning as a means to achieve your goals.  If you would like to know more about our courses go to Oxford Open Learning, or contact us by phone: it’s free!

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