IGCSE English

Oxford Open Learning’s brand new IGCSE English course is now ready!

The course has been written to match the Edexcel IGCSE Specification A, 4EA0, for first examination in June 2011.  Students who wish to complete a GCSE in 2010 should take Oxford Open Learning’s English GCSE course.

Edexcel supplies an anthology of extracts from various texts. The course addresses each extract, and provides activities for students to study each in detail.

Advantages of the IGCSE English course include:

  • no coursework
  • no oral
  • 2 written exams only
  • exams available abroad
  • no complex literary works to study, just short extracts from a range of lively, modern texts
  • big focus on language skills
  • great preparation for English Language A-level
If you are interested in studying this course please contact a Student Adviser today on 0800 9757575.

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