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IGCSE English Online

IGCSE English Online Distance Learning Course

At Oxford Open Learning, we are proud to announce the release of our new IGCSE English course online.

The Course

The emphasis in this course is on language skills. Students are encouraged to use relevant vocabulary, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and to demonstrate a sense of style and an awareness of audience in their use of language.

Through reading, students will learn to understand and collate meanings, summarise, paraphrase, and understand how writers achieve effects.

Through writing, students will learn to articulate their own experience; express thought, feelings and imagined ideas clearly; order and present facts, ideas and opinions; understand and use vocabulary and register appropriate to audience and context; use grammatical structures, paragraphs, sentences, punctuation and spelling accurately and effectively.

The syllabus also promotes students’ personal development, and helps them explore wider areas of human concern.

This course is suitable for students who aim to continue their studies at a higher level (including AS or A Level) need an English language qualification to complement other subjects they are studying need a final qualification in English language.

Each lesson of the English IGCSE course begins with a set of clearly stated aims and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study. Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self-assessment questions, and there is guidance for the preparation of the Anthology to be used in the exam.

The IGCSE differs from English GCSE in that there is no coursework and no oral. Examination is by two written papers only – this is often more convenient for distance learners. There is also no requirement to study lengthy literary texts. The focus is on effective use of the English language.

The English IGCSE course is divided into modules as follows:

Part 1: Language Skills

  • Personal Experience
  • Poetry and Prose
  • Essay Technique
  • Reading and Response
  • Content and Form

Part 2: Anthology Texts

To access the Edexcel Anthology texts via the link above, click on the link to ‘Teacher Resource Materials’ on that page. This will open a list of resources and from that list you can click to download the Anthology texts.

In addition to online study materials, you will also receive the support of a personal tutor who is a qualified and experienced teacher in your subject of study.  He or she will be in regular contact with you by email and phone, and will mark your assignments.  You can also call on the friendly help and advice of our student advisers and our dedicated exams officer will help you find an exam centre and register for your exam.


Assessment is by two written examinations. Paper 1 lasts 2 hours 15 minutes, and Paper 2 lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. There is no coursework.

Online features

Identical in content to our traditional courses, the online courses enable students to access their course materials wherever they are able to get online.  No need to carry your course folder around with you – instead just login and your course materials are there on your laptop, notebook or phone.  Our online classroom enables you to:

  • Access your course materials wherever you can go online
  • Upload assignments from your files and email these to your tutor
  • Receive your grades, tutor feedback and model answers to assignments online
  • Rapidly access activities via links within the text;
  • Upload your answers to activities and store these online;
  • Organise and store your own files in ‘my private files’;
  • Read the latest blogs on your subject;
  • Join in with the news forum.

How does the course work online?

When you enrol on our online IGCSE English course you will be given access to your course materials via our online classroom, Oxford Online Learning.  The course homepage also includes access to our User Guide, Course Introduction and Course Overview.  The User Guide shows you how to navigate around the site; rapidly and easily upload your assignments to your tutor, access tutor comments and grades on your work, and download model answers to assignments.

The online classroom also gives you your own study area where you can upload and store your own files and resources so that you can find these easily when you enter the classroom.

What’s the difference between our online and offline course materials?

Our online course will enable you to study your course materials whenever you are online.  You can access the course on computer, on your phone, or via an electronic notebook.  There’s no need to carry your course folder with you when you are on the move.  You can store your own notes within our online classroom, and keep all your study materials in one place.

Our highly successful course folders of study materials provide a print-based version of the same course content.  Hard copy materials offer students a well-established means of accessing well-organised, high quality study materials that they can keep with them at home or in their usual place of study.

If you would like to know more about our online IGCSE English course, contact us today.  Your call is free and we will be pleased to help you.

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