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How can I study? It’s Christmas!

The festive season is all about eating, drinking and being merry. Invitations to parties abound, and all you want to do is enjoy yourself. However, if you are a student, it is likely that you will have to find time to get some work done over the holidays. The thought of studying while everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves can be enough to bring about your very own pity party, sour grapes included. Here, then, is a handy guide to help you get some work done without feeling like you’re missing out:

1. Manage your time like a pro.

Believe it or not, it is possible to study and celebrate Christmas. It’s simply a matter of taking a little time to plan your days. If you have a party coming up in the evening, schedule some study time in the morning or afternoon. Although it might be tricky to get started, you’ll enjoy your night out so much more if you don’t have to feel guilty about the work you should have done. Turn off your phone to avoid any last minute distractions, and force yourself to focus on the task at hand.

2. You CAN study if you’re suffering from the effects of the night before.

If you’ve gone a bit overboard and imbibed a little more of the festive spirit than you intended, it can be tempting to spend the entire next day lying on the sofa eating your own weight in chocolate. However, this will not make you feel better physically or mentally. Get as much sleep as you can and cook yourself a decent, healthy meal (no, a burger with salad doesn’t count!). Alternatively, or better still, in addition, try going for a short walk. This should be enough to blow the cobwebs away and help the old grey matter to jump into action. Set yourself a manageable amount of work to complete within a couple of hours, and force yourself to get started. Once you get stuck in, it will be much easier to study than you might have anticipated.

3. Don’t do any studying on Christmas Day!

Unless you want to channel your inner Scrooge, attempting to study on Christmas Day will only make you miserable. In addition, you’ll probably find yourself being interrupted every five minutes by relatives expressing their concern and extolling the virtues of their mulled wine. Embrace the celebrations and enjoy the time with family and friends, and don’t give your coursework or exams a single thought.

Studying over the Christmas holidays can seem like an insurmountable hurdle, but with a little organisation, you can still have fun and get your work done. And if you don’t manage to get as much done as you would have liked? Well, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for!

Happy Christmas!

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