English Literature A-level for first examination in 2017 (AS 2016) -

English Literature A-level for first examination in 2017 (AS 2016)

This brand new English Literature A level course has been written to the AQA specification 7712.  This course will be examined for the first time in Summer 2017. The first half of the course matches the new AS specification 7711, first examined in June 2016.  If you are interested in taking your examination before this, please have a look at our existing English Literature A level for last examination in Summer 2016. For a full overview of our the changes to our A level courses please see the A level Changes page.

As with other Phase 1 subjects, the first of the “new” Eng Lit AS exams will take place in June 2016 and the first full (new) A levels will be sat in June 2017. NB Marks from the AS exam will NOT be carried forward to the full A-level. Students who enrol for the full (new) A-level will be sent the AS course now and the 2nd Year course will reach them as soon as it is ready.

Course Content

Year 1

  • M4: Othello
  • M5a: Bronte: Jane Eyre
  • M5b: Hardy: Tess of the d’Urbervilles (this is not required for the full A-level, only AS, but will be sent to all students anyway)
Year 2
  • Owen Sheers: Skirrid Hill
  • Michael Frayn: Spies
  • Tennessee Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Jane Austen: Mansfield Park (coursework, optional)
  • George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four (coursework, optional)
The AQA specification is AQA 7711 and the A level specification is AQA 7712. AS candidates take two written exams with no coursework. A level students take two longer written exams plus coursework. As in other subjects, the entire AS course matches the first year of the A level (ie it is ‘co-teachable’, except that there is an extra module at the end on Tess if students decide to do the AS exam) so students do not have to decide at the outset exactly which exam they will do. They can opt for the AS course and then buy the 2nd year pack at a later date if they wish.

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