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A level Law Distance Learning Course

Law A level course

Course Overview

The Law A level includes two major components – AS level and A2 level.  The AS level is a qualification in its own right and may be studied for on a one-year distance learning course.

Each lesson begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study.

Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self-assessment questions.

The course includes ten Tutor-marked Assignments (known as TMAs), six in the AS course and four in the A2.

Course Content

AS level

  • Law Making and the Legal System
  • Law Making
  • The Legal System
  • The Concept of Liability
  • Introduction to Criminal Liability
  • Introduction to Tort

A2 level

  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law (fatal and non-fatal offences against the person)
  • Criminal Law (offences against property)
  • Concepts of Law


This course prepares candidates for the AQA Law A level syllabus 2160 for examination in 2015 and later years. Most candidates will start with the AS specification 1161 and then study the A2 syllabus 2161.The full A level qualification comprises AS and A2. We have chosen this syllabus as it is the most suited to distance learning.

Assessment is by four written papers, two at AS and two at A2. There is no coursework.


Students wishing to study the A level Law course need a minimum of 4 GCSEs or equivalent.  This should include good grades in English GCSE or English IGCSE.  Students need not have studied Law GCSE.

Successful Law A level Students

Students Studying Law A level typically either go on to study Law at university level or enter into law firms to continue their education in a vocational setting.  This is what Charlotte Coleman had to say:

“I work in a law firm, so that was why I chose Law A level. With my qualifications I can now go onto university!”


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The Law A level is supported by the following textbooks.

Students studying the AS level will require

Students who go onto study the A2 course will additionally need

Download and view the Introduction to our Law A level course

Download and view a Sample Lesson to our Law A level course

Download and view a copy of the AQA syllabus for Law A level