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IGCSE Human Bio Demo Page

International GCSE Human Biology Distance Learning Course


Oxford Open Learning’s Human Biology IGCSE course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel IGCSE in Human Biology (4HB0) for examination in June 2013 or later years. There is no coursework element to this specification.

Course Structure

The Oxford Open Learning international GCSE Human Biology course is designed to follow the structure of the Edexcel 4HB0 specification and is divided into five modules, as follows:

  • Cell Processes
  • Human Physiology A
  • Human Physiology B
  • Reproduction and Heredity
  • Microorganisms, Disease and Environment

The course includes 12 Tutor-marked Assignments and a Mock Exam, and enables students to develop a range of basic scientific investigative skills as they work with diagrams, graphs, statistics, photographic images and online media. The course provides an excellent introduction to the study of Human Biology and a sound basis from which to proceed to Biology A Level.

Students should have internet access to carry out some of the research and lesson activities, and should obtain a copy of the Edexcel Human Biology Student Book (2010) which forms the course textbook. Details of the textbook are given in the sidebar to the right of this page. To find out more about the course click on the link to the course introduction in the sidebar to the right of this page.


Assessment is by two written examinations of 2 hours and 1 hour. There is no coursework.

For further details read our IGCSE Human Biology blog here, or click on the Course Introduction on the right of this page.

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