Distance learning route to training in remote regions

A very remote study locationAn article in yesterday’s Guardian ‘Distance learning provided training for would-be nurses in remote regions’ illustrates how distance learning with the Open University has enabled former healthcare assistants, some with family responsibilities, to obtain nursing qualifications while living in remote areas.  From the Mull of Kintyre to the Channel Island of Jersey students are now able to gain full nursing qualifications by distance learning.

Without distance learning as an option, none of those who successfully qualified as nurses would have been in a position to study and qualify.  All confirmed that with self-motivation, commitment and good time management they were able to combine the demands of work, family life and study to achieve their goals.  Most importantly, each received the support of a fully qualified, experienced tutor, together with that of a course mentor who offered advice and support throughout the entire period of study.

If you live in an area or region that makes it difficult to follow a course of study by attending school or college then Oxford Open Learning can help you achieve your goal.  Our GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, business management, accountancy training, and Certificate in Educational Administration courses have made it possible both for adult individuals and families who are home educating their children to study from home.

We know that studying at home takes self-motivation and commitment to succeed. But we don’t expect you do go it alone. Like the trainee nurses mentioned in The Guardian, Oxford Open Learning students receive support from a fully qualified experienced tutor, a student adviser, and a dedicated exams officer to help them make the most of their course of study.  We do our best to help you succeed, and we hope our students will consider us as part of their valued small community.

Whether you live in the heart of the city, or miles from the nearest shop, distance learning with Oxford Open Learning is easily accessible by phone, email, online or in print.  Contact us for information about how we can help you gain the qualifications you need.  The door is open.

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