Breaking new ground: IGCSE Geography

An image of Earth from spaceIn developing our brand new Geography IGCSE course we looked around for online resources that would enable our students to explore and investigate further its highly topical content.

Focusing on urban, fragile, river and coastal environments, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and the pressing issue of climate change, the course also develops geographical skills and enables students to engage with global, national and local issues that impact on us all, wherever we are in the world.

Written by two young postgraduate geographers at the University of Oxford and a highly experienced teacher of geography, the materials in the course folder are closely integrated with IGCSE resources at GeographyAlltheWay.  Developed by Richard Allaway, a geography teacher living in Geneva, GeographyAlltheWay, includes lively, innovative activities based on video footage, photographic images, interactive maps and diagrams, each chosen to support the IGCSE specification (and others).

We think that these resources fit well with our course, and believe that our Geography IGCSE students will enjoy this blended approach to a subject that requires detailed study of a wide range of visual materials.  The course has been carefully designed to integrate links to GeographyAlltheWay into well-structured lesson activities, in some cases providing suggested answers, and in others asking the student to evaluate his or her own approach to a task.

We very much hope that the fieldwork opportunities included in the course will make our students want to get down to the beach, the river, or city centre, and get busy photographing, measuring, mapping, analysing, interpreting and evaluating the local environment in which they live.

Students may also like to know that Richard Allaway now has two blogs at One of these informs students about new resources that he has recently added to his website, and in the other Richard reports back on geography issues in and out of the classroom.  They will help you keep up to date with geography resources and issues in the world today, and are definitely worth subscribing to – by email or RSS feeds.  Click the link to find out more.

If you are thinking about studying Geography then check out our IGCSE course – it’s packed full of exciting new materials that can really take you places!

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