A level French: step up to our new A2 course

Our brand new French A2 course brings our A Level French course right up to date.  Freshly written material on the Environment, the Multicultural Society and Contemporary Social Issues closely matches AQA specification requirements and offers lively opportunities for students to engage with topics currently in the news.  Covering such issues as renewable energy, immigration and integration, under-age drinking, climate change, poverty and health, the course encourages students to engage with the world around them, develop their own views, and prepare to speak and write about what they think: in French.

The Cultural Topics section offers rich resources and expert guidance that will enable students to research the work of a highly regarded contemporary novelist, Faïza Guene, and study a classic work by France’s unrivalled master of comedy, Molière.  That Guène’s first novel, Kiffe kiffe demain (2004), was published when she was only nineteen gives it an immediacy and directness that will appeal to many French A level students.  Our decision to include Molière’s Le Misanthrope was well-timed: an English version, starring Keira Knightley and Damian Lewis, was recently performed at the Comedy Theatre, London, and there is a wealth of lively material online to support study of the play and its relevance to modern society.  The course provides links to some of these, including video interviews and readings from the text.

The course folder includes lessons, activites and assignments that give structured practice in all four language competences: listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as advice and tips on writing essays and preparing for written, oral and aural exams.  The accompanying CD-Rom of listening material includes both interactive oral practice and opportunities to listen to a range of native French speakers talking about a variety of topics included in the specification.

In addition, our course includes access to brand new online resources developed by Nelson Thornes and available on their Kerboodle website.  These all relate closely to the specification and enable students to carry out interactive activities, listen to interviews and other recordings, and also record their own verbal answers to questions, or oral presentations, and play these back.  Our printed course material provides contextual links to these activities, as well as links to the Nelson Thornes French A2 textbook.

If you are thinking about moving up to A2  French, or working towards it via GCSE, IGCSE or French AS level, then contact us for more information.  Allez-y!

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