Open learning: a cost-effective tool for transforming your workplace skills

More people are looking for cost-effective ways to gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to make the most of opportunities and challenges in the workplace.  Those seeking qualifications and opportunities to study are now considering other options than the conventional, and often debt-laden, route through university, where funding cuts are also leading to a reduction in places available.

Open Learning offers new Opportunities

Since the 1960s, the Open University has offered an alternative, and different, approach to learning whereby students can fit their studies around existing commitments, including jobs and families, and pay their way on a limited budget.  This flexible approach has enabled thousands of students of all ages to obtain qualifications to enter their chosen field of work or expertise.  Bringing over 20 years of experience with Microsoft to his new post as Vice-Chancellor of the OU, Martin Bean recently spoke of his aims to harness the power of technology to the OU’s personalised approach to learning and deliver high quality learning to those in the workplace, as well as those on their way into employment.

Setting out his programme in a recent Telegraph interview, Bean signalled his key aim to encourage employees to develop their skills by taking advantage of new online learning tools.  New developments in online learning can bring study opportunities into the workplace, as well as the home.  Focusing on employer engagement, Bean aims to develop new courses for business and enterprise that will enable the workforce to develop, expand and transform existing skills and knowledge and thereby increase opportunities for both employer and employee.  With the average age of OU students coming down from 50 plus to 32, with the under 25’s showing the fastest area of growth, open learning at the OU is now a key option for students seeking to reduce costs.  These younger learners are also looking to technology-assisted learning to deliver skills and qualifications for the workplace.

Oxford Open Learning can help you transform your skills

At Oxford Open Learning we also offer our students an alternative, personalised, high quality approach to learning that can fit around existing commitments in a maneageable way.  Our GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, and business courses include expertly written study materials in print and online.  These come with the support of a personal tutor who is a qualified, experienced teacher, and further support from our dedicated exams officer and student advisers.  Our students can fit their courses around work and family commitments, and with no fixed time limit, can find a pace of study to suit their own way of learning.  Some are looking for a fast track to a qualification aiming to complete the course in half the time it would take in a face-to-face class-based study environment.  Others, perhaps studying after work or when children are in bed, choose a different timescale that will help them achieve their aims over a longer period.

Map your skills to today’s job opportunities

To study effectively by distance learning requires commitment and self-discipline.  Whether this is in the workplace or at home, Oxford Open Learning can help you achieve your aims by offering high quality course materials and qualified tutorial support.  Contact us for more information about how open learning can help you meet the challenges of today’s workplace.

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