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A survey undertaken recently by the School of Educational Administration revealed that in more than half the schools in the UK, work that was previously undertaken by managers and teachers is now moving across to the school office.

Not every school admits to there being such changes, and some have said that they “couldn’t imagine it happening here.” And yet the evidence is that once the idea is mooted in a school, the new approach can take hold very rapidly.

Where transfer is happening, the list of work that has moved into the province of the school’s administration includes Timetabling, Staff Induction, Arranging cover, Mentoring, Personnel management, Budgeting, Examination management, Work experience management, School trips, Health and Safety and Site management.

To help administrators adjust to these changes, the School of Educational Administrators runs two courses which focus on issues of efficiency and effectiveness in school administration. Both courses are taught by Oxford Open Learning through distance learning.

Students who have completed the courses tell us that apart from their increasing awareness of educational and administrative matters, the course enhances their status within the school, giving administration a new level of professionalism – and this of course can only be for the good.

We have had a record number of applicants for our one year course this term, and because of this we have added an extra intake for the course in November.

The closing date for the current intake of the one-year course is 26 September. The next intake will now close on 10 November. The closing date for the next intake for the two month Work Management and Administration course is 13 October.

There are more details on our courses on – or you can phone 01536 399007 or email for an application form.

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