A level Exam Appeals 2020

17th August Update

To all our students who are struggling in the current, highly confused and evolving situation; we have temporarily suspended all action on appeals pending full clarification from the government, Ofqual and the exam boards.

We realise how stressful this is for everyone involved but, unfortunately, this is completely out of our hands. Once we have some clear guidance we will, of course, update everyone accordingly.

If you are planning to attend university this year, then please contact the university admissions department and discuss your options directly with them. If they request a supporting statement from us please contact examsoffice@ool.co.uk and we will try to help.

If you have decided that you would like to resit your examinations in autumn, please contact the office immediately.


Please read the results decision map shown below.

If, once you have read the decision map, you still feel that you have grounds for appeal then please email examsoffice@ool.co.uk no later than the 28th of August explaining your reasons in full.

Your appeal will be reviewed by the exams officer, senior members of staff and if necessary with the Head of Centre. Our decision and an explanation of our reasons for the result of your appeal will given to you in writing no later than 5 working days after receiving it. If we require further information then we will request this from you and the 5 working days will reset.

Please note that the final deadline for entering A level exams this autumn is the 4th of September and many centres will need you to make your entry earlier than this. Therefore the exam boards have advised that anyone appealing should also make an exam entry.

The government has announced that students will be able to appeal to receive ‘valid mock grades’ if they’re not happy with their calculated grades. We’re waiting for more details on how this will work, but we don’t think that mock papers completed without invigilation will be considered “valid”.

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