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IGCSE English Revision

Many students are using our IGCSE English Language anthology worksheets as revision aids in preparation for their Edexcel IGCSE English Language (specification A) exam.  This set of 19 anthology worksheets (one for each media text or poem in the Anthology), with suggested answers, is included in our Oxford Open Learning IGCSE English course for distance learning students, but can also be bought separately by all students revising for their IGCSE English exam.

English IGCSE Anthology

Developed to meet the requirements of Edexcel’s new IGCSE English Language A specification 4EA0, the set of 19 worksheets is designed to accompany the texts in Sections A and B of the Anthology.  For any student revising for their Edexcel English Language A exam, these worksheets provide vital support in preparing the texts.  Further details are freely available in the Anthology Introduction as it appears in our IGCSE English course.  The introduction provides general guidelines on how to approach and prepare a text.  These will be useful to students everywhere who are preparing to sit their Edexcel IGCSE English A examination.

Sample Worksheet

To see what they’re like, you can download a sample worksheet Anthology Worksheet 1.

How to Order

If you find the Introduction and sample anthology worksheet useful and would like to order a pack of 19 Anthology worksheets, please email weblinks@ool.co.uk.

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